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The events of the film start with "Mohammed" a Kuwaiti scholarship student while using the train from Manchester to London to Celebrate the Independence and Liberation Day with other Kuwaiti students. During his trip, Famous Kuwaiti people were arriving to London to attend the event. Throughout the film, scenes of the huge campaign held by National Union of Kuwaiti Students during the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait in 1990 were screened.

NUKS: Once Upon A Time (2011)


The film talks about a youth who was raised by his father after the death of his mother. During his journey in life, he faces many obstacles that make him feel emotionally andsocially disordered. Thus, he starts to act and commit unbalanced actions that would eventually lead to the corruption of his life.


بوستر فيلم همسات الخطيئة للمخرج عبدالرحمن الخليفي ٢٠١٠

Whispers of Sin (2010)

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